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The Essential Nurse

This is a great place to improve Physical & Emotional Wellness 

"Wellness isn't only about using essential oils, but  about bringing awareness and cultivating healthier lifestyle habits" 

 Alicia, RN

Now, more than ever people are starting to realize that we live in an overstimulated world, which is affecting our overall well-being.


Have you been searching for improved physical or emotional wellbeing?

If so, then we've crossed paths at the right time!

As I have learned about the research and experienced the benefits of essential oil usage, I have felt obligated to share about the amazing benefits they provide with people around the world like YOU!

I bring forth my experience not only as a professional nurse, but also as a mother who spent endless hours researching and using alternative solutions for my own family during a health crisis.

My passion is helping others and my mission is to influence lives around the world one drop at a time by introducing you to the most potent source of essential oils. WHY? Because they are what changed my Life, and I feel everyone should have the opportunity to learn about their options.

I'd love to hear from you

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