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Moment of reflection

I came across these pictures on my phone that I didn’t even realize I still had. 📸

As I sit here remembering these days. I do recall these were actually great days compared to what our bad days looked like.

Several health care systems still hold records of this and worse pictures.

Maybe I should go revisit those places and share about our experience and where we today. I’m sure there’s many families who struggled like we did.

We struggled with this for several years. In and out of dr appointments, piling up the medical bills, they really could never tell me what was causing this... I still remember being told this was something that we had to learn to live with .... be on prescription antibiotics, steroids and immune suppressants as a part of his life because his body was “attacking itself”.

As a mom ... this wasn’t a good enough answer for me. I had to be my own child’s advocate.

Most of you know me to be very passive and quiet but when it came to my child ... you better believe I was raising my voice and fighting the challenge until I had answers.

God answered my deepest prayers; gave us wisdom, knowledge and guidance to make better choices to truly help him and learn what was actually happening to his little body.

Most of you know that I AM a Registered Nurse but even I had to learn to think outside of the box and most definitely out of a system.

Fast forward to today my son does not depend on any medications and he’s doing great! It required a mindset shift and a LIFESTYLE change for us. I’m grateful to god for giving me the courage to keep searching and not settling.

If you find yourself in a hopeless place much like we did, feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about what we went through.


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