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What’s next?!

Schools are closed for Cobb County for the next two weeks. Early spring break!

Being a nurse at a pretty large health system hospital .... I know my work hours will continue over being cancelled 🤦‍♀️

I fill my pockets with all OnGuard when going to work! I do have a first aid bag in my car which contains my backup oils in case I’m not able to leave work for whatever reason. (Short staffing can be a real thing) lol! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I continue to do yoga to help w workload stress. I talk to my kids about not living in fear but doing our part to protect our health and boost our immune systems.

If I could leave one statement of advice .... It would have to be to not fall into the fear which comes from the enemy but be reminded that we have been prepared with a beautiful gift at our fingertips. Continue to nurture your body well with nutrients (not the junk foods). Ditch the sugars! Hydrate! Exercise (Yoga is my favorite)! WASH your hands frequently!!!! Use essential oils and supplements to support your immune system and stress levels! Rest! If you are feeling sick, keep your distance from others especially those who are elderly and immune compromised. Focus on gratitude over fear! Last but not least Pray not only for yourself but also for others! 🙏

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